How To Change The Name Of Your Windows 10 PC

We will explain in this article how to change or see the name of your Windows 10 computer. Windows 10 by default comes with a name that we can see when it is connected to a network or to certain services.

It is important that we mention that we have the ability to change the name of the computer as often as we need to either personalize it or to make the network more orderly. Today we will show you how to do this on your Windows 10 PC 10. We can also enable administrator accounts.

Where can I see my computer’s username?

This name can be easily accessed when you access the Windows 10 Settings’ menu. To do this, open the start menu, then click on the gear icon to enter the settings. It is located to the right of the shutdown button. Once inside this configuration, click on ‘Systems.

We will then enter the specific configuration options that correspond to the characteristics of our computer. Clicking on this option will bring up the specs of the device. You can also see the field corresponding with ‘Device Name’. This is the default name the computer uses.

What are the best ways to change your computer’s name?

There are many ways to change the name on Windows 10, but we’ll be focusing our attention on 3 that are quick and easy to use.


It is possible to change your computer’s name using the command prompt. To do this, you will need to use the key combination Windows + R to open the run dialog box. Next, enter the command “sysdm.cpl” and press ‘Enter.

Next, you will see the system’s properties. Click on the option “Change” to continue the process. Finally, the window that opens lets us change the name of our workgroup or the computer, depending on what we are trying to do.

System settings

After having completed the steps to change the name of your computer, click on the button “Change the Name for this Team”.

This button is located just before the Windows specifications. Clicking there will bring up a window that allows us to change the name of our computer. It will allow you to personalize the name and delete the default numbers and letters.

We will see the area in which the new name can be placed under the current team name. This must not contain spaces or any hyphens. After we are done, we need to click on “Next” to change the name. Then we restart the team to reflect the changes that we have made.

How do you create a new user using a name other than yours?

There are many ways to access the menu that allows you to configure your profile. The fastest way is to open the start menu. Click on the image of your profile to expand it. We can then click on our username to see more options.

Click on “Change Account Settings” to enter the Windows settings. If Windows 10 services cause us trouble, we can disable them.

Once inside, click on the “Accounts” section in the section corresponding with “Your Information”. There we can directly enter our configuration from there. If we choose, we can click on the link “Manage my Microsoft Account”. This will open a browser window that will direct us to the web address for our profile.

Next, click on “More Actions” and click again on Edit Profile. This will take you to a page that displays all of your account data. Click on Edit Name to go to a screen where you can choose the name or surname we want to use for our Windows user name.

We then verify that the code has been entered correctly and click on “Save” to confirm our changes. The next step is to restart the computer to apply the changes and to see the new name. Sometimes, it’s necessary to restart twice in order to view the changes.

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