How To Change The Background On An Instagram Reel

Instagram is the entertainment center of the world. It’s more popular than any other social media platform. The reels of this amazing social network are the most popular feature, particularly effects. You can change the background on an Instagram reel by opening the app, putting yourself in the reel’s photo, and clicking on effects.

You will see a small window in which you can look for effects related to the background. In the empty space where the magnifying glasses is located, write “Screen” and many backgrounds will appear. Once you have chosen the background that suits your preferences, start recording the reel. Register on Instagram via the web or the app if you wish to test a fund.

How do you change the background on Instagram for Reels?

Log in to your Instagram account. Click on the top left corner of the screen and click on ‘Your Story’. You will see the camera menu. Click on the black lower bar and click on Reels’. There are many options that can be found vertically.

Click on the fourth option, the one with the star shape. A small window will open. Click on the magnifying glasses and then type “Green screen” into the search engine. Select the background as it appears. Click on the circle in the reel camera. The reel will begin recording after you click it once more. You have 15 seconds. You can save it in Instagram drafts, but don’t publish it.

What can you put in the background of Instagram Reels?

You can place anything you want at the bottom of the reel, including any effects that Instagram uses in the ‘Reels. You can choose any background color, but the most popular is the Green Screen’. This allows you to add content directly from your phone, including those you already have in the gallery.

You can upload images, photos, and videos. It doesn’t matter if they are yours or taken from other sources. Your creativity is the limit. You have two options: save the images or share them on WhatsApp.

Background reels for Instagram switch

Gallery photos

You can also add photos to your Instagram reels. To do this, log in and select ‘Reels’ when the app camera closes. Click on the effects tab. The ‘Green Screen effect’ should be already in the popup window. This is because you have already used it. Go to the search bar to find it. Click on the arrow and save it.

Just millimeters away from the green circle, there is a message saying ‘Add multimedia content to the effect’. Click on this message. Instantly, your phone’s gallery opens. Select the image you prefer and then press the green circle to start recording.

Videos saved to your mobile

Videos can also be added to Instagram Reels. This is possible only with the ‘Green Screen effect. Click on “Your story” again. Go to ‘Reels’ and click on the effect you want. Wait for the camera to appear.

Click on the message “Add multimedia content”, this will take you to your phone’s gallery. Find the folder you wish to add and click on it. You will return to the reels, and you can view the video in the background. Click on the green circle to start recording.

What does Instagram Reels mean by Green Screen?

The green screen on Instagram is a great way to hide the background. To make the effect more visible, add amazing backgrounds to your phone’s gallery. You can also add sounds and images to your Instagram reel. This will ensure that you are attracting the attention of everyone on the social network.

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