Hey, my name is Peter Prater and welcome to my site that is focused on the world of tec.

In recent years, I decided to write a blog. . The content I write about have been entertaining for a number of people. It is my aim to build out this blog fascinating as well as technically captivating and where I bring my own aspects and thoughts on things that are technically innovating.

I live in my apartment in Port Lavaca, Texas. I moved here from El Paso when I was a kid. My dad moved us here because he got relocated with his work, so I grew up here during my teenage years.

I am a self-confessed techno nerd and discovered my passion about 12 years ago.

The tec space has given me a focus in life, so it made sense to start this blog in the niche. I started it as a hobby in the beginning. Anyway, during the months that passed after starting this blog, I’ve enjoyed earning a bit of income which has come in handy I can tell you. I am really getting into this now and figured that it would be great to end up being a full time tec blogger. That has to be my long-term goal.

I want this blog to be a huge success. There’s only one way to make that happen, and that is to bring you content about some amazing topics and subjects that keep up with the amazing times of technical advancements we live in.

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