Windows XP SP3 Final Lite Gamer OS

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 - Windows, Windows Xp

Windows XP SP3 Final Lite Gamer OS being one of most wanted version that has been searched by million people around the world, and has been tested to play many kinds of high spec game. Lite edition will maximise our game experience, just for example when you use windows 7 and play dota (warcraft) in low ram (up to 512Mb) sometimes you will got lag in playing but when you tried this Operating System it can reduce your lag even remove pc lag. This why aio recomended to you this modified edition.

Xp SP3 Lite Gamers Edition

Xp Gamer + Lite Edition Best Compressed Windows 2015

This edition basically is Xp Service Pack 3 Professional but already modified in some registry and remove many tools that unnecessary. About size of file, you don’t need to worry cause it was lite edition. Lite means that the size of rar has been compresed to mini it less than 500 Mb, you only need a litle time to download it.

There are some features that already included like MSN Explorer, Old Driver, Internet Games, Tablet PC, Messenger, Help and Support, Security Center, IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service. You don’t need to install all of them cause it has support in this edition. But for some additional note, Xp different with 7 and 8, in this os you need to download and install driver that compatible for Best OS Gamerthis Os. Make sure you got driver before install this one, cause without it you will not got max performance process.

I have searched some driver source for you, for asus you can visit Asus Driver and Toshiba. If you need any kinds of driver, feel free to comment below and i will search it for you.

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My Personal Review :

I already tested this one, but i test in Toshiba L645, everything work perfectly without any error that counter. The weakness of this one is there are many virus out of there in internet that ready to infect your computer, so we really recommended to defend your os by using antivirus maybe like avast or kaspersky, you can get those edition in this site.

Download XP Final Lite V3.0 Gamer Edition Fullversion

Download Link

You don’t need to argue to have this one, cause it already checked and No virus and malwared in this edition, cause every file has been checked by virustotal, and work perfectly in low pc specification and of course powerfull in high spec. Additional note, this version V3.0 that released in the end of 2014, this already the newest one.

Download Link available bellow: