Tutorial Install Theme Modification For Windows 7

Sunday, June 10th, 2018 - Theme OS
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Tutorial Install Theme Modification For Windows 7, like what i write in title this post will tell you how to get high success rate in implemetation new modification themes in your windows 7 any edition. Support for ultimate, starter, home edition, professional, X64 and x86. Many people get bored in their basic interface then if you one of them, you do a good choices to read this little article.

Additional Theme For Windows 7

There are many editin of theme that shared in internet, but almost of them didn’t tell how to use it and how to make it really work. Many of new user, they got failed and got nothing, and in fact cause uncorrect installation process make their computer harmed. There are some steps and some additional program, i will not explain one by one of the additional software cause it wil consume our time to much, if you curious then make sure to browse by yourself in google.com.

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Step by step to install and apply your custom template for any version of Windows 7.

  1. First, you need to download universal theme patcher. Make sure to choose the most suitable version for your os (x64 for 64 bit os, x86 for 32bit os). There are 3 files for x64 and 2 files for x86.
  2. Download Theme Resource Changer. like the first, choose installer that suitable for your os version.
  3. Find a theme to install. Browse in Theme OS [Update with new edition]
  4. Copy the content of the “theme” folder (1 .theme file and 1 folder) then paste it in -> “Windows\Resources\Themes”
  5. In this point you should Restart your computer. To make sure your new theme is can be known [read] in your os.
  6. Do some simple way to change your theme windows. Right click on your desktop, choose Personalize settings. The installed theme you should be now visible under “Installed theme”. Press it to run!
  7. now Enjoy your theme.
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