How To Install Windows By USB Drive

Sunday, May 27th, 2018 - Tutorial

This post will share tutorial How To Install Windows Xp By USB Drive, step by step install this os by usb boot and you will need XP Iso Or CD Images Files that can be downloaded from this site. Some years ago many people install their os by using DVD or CD Disk, but when we burn the wrong files the dvd become a trash and useless, but today you don’t  need any dvd disk again by using USB your problem will be solved and it only takes few time. Before you read this post, i just want to say sorry for my bad english but i hope you still understand what i write here.


Install Windows With Rufus Installer

Rufus is a tools that can be used to create windows installer, this software only needs Image File and then extract it in your USB. This one is the most simple one cause only need several step to do it. So to get high chance of successful make sure to follow every steps below.

How to use Rufus To Make Windows Usb Bootable

  1. First download Rufus from this link. [Download Rufus]
  2. After you download, open the file.
  3. Search Feature “File System” click the button and you can find NTFS (New Technology File System). Make sure to choose this one and not the FAT32.
    Additional Knowledge about NTFS (Skip To Next Number if you don’t needed).NTFS is a proprietary file system that created by Microsoft and this one has more benefits when we compare with FAT32. NTFS has the main function like  sparse file support, reparse points, disk usage quotas, distributed link tracking, and file-level encryption. Wikipedia NTFS
  4. Next step, Search button who has icon like DVD Drive near the check box “Create bootable disk using:” and then click
  5. Browse your ISO windows file
  6. Click Start
  7. Done!
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Rufus is the most simple one to make installer, when you compare with wintoflash or use ultraIso then i will said to you that this one is better than all of them. I have been tried to create many windows 7 and 8 installer and all of them success without any error occurred except one times i ever failed cause the files damaged or corrupted.

I already shared some iso intaller here, like Windows Xp Proffesional, Windows 7 Ultimate And Windows 8.1 Aio. I hope this tutorial can be helpfull for you and once again i said, i really sorry for my poor english. If you have anything to ask to create usb boot installer, ask to us by comment from form below.

Download Link available bellow: